With the Whole Family

18 Oct, 2015

The First Channel presents a project for film lovers. The events of the new sitcom “With the Whole Family” develop around the Yerevan family of Sanayans. The only man of the family David is still single and that fact gives no rest to his mother Aida and aunt Nazik. They are looking for a suitable bride for David, when it turns out that he has already found his future wife Mary on his own. The events develop around this main ground plot simultaneously discovering and presenting different interpersonal relationships. The sitcom is filled with mild humor and positive mood. Loved actors Irina Danielyan, Levon Harutyunyan, Lala Mnatsakanyan, Julieta Stepanyan, Luisa Nersisyan, Samvel Topalyan, Tamara Petrosyan and others will star in the sitcom. The director of the sitcom is Hrachya Zakaryan

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