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Special Division

The police officers and the difficult and heroic aspects of their profession very often escape public attention. With this very concern the creative team of the “Special Division” has created characters of skilled police officers, for whom their work is not just a job but a calling by the God. It is a mission requiring everyday strain of efforts and sense of responsibility.

The main heroes of “Special Division” psycho-detective TV series are the intelligence officers of the Police, who follow the tracks of the regular confused story and discover it. Each series is a complete story with its plot development and conclusion.

The director of the film is Vahe Khachatryan, the screenwriter is Nelly Semerjyan, the main actors and actresses are Vasil Sargsyan, Artashes Mkhitaryan, Narine Petrosyan, Aren Vatyan, Lily Elbakyan, Boris Pepanyan and Sergey Tovmasyan. Armen Grigoryan is the producer of the film.

“Special Division” TV series has been prepared by “Autograph Films” company by order of the First Public Television of Armenia.