Gohar Mkhitaryan

Head of TV Projects Editorial Department

Along with presentable picture, the Public TV stresses the importance of correct and meaningful speech. The editorial activity of the Public TV is coordinated by Gohar Mkhitaryan, who values the subtext over text and the silence at the right moment over speaking.

TV journalist by profession, she started her activity in the Public TV Company. In 1994-2000 she was a journalist as well as the TV host of the program “Capital”, later worked as a journalist for Yerevan Informational Center.

Gohar Mkhitaryan started her editorial activity in “Sharavigh” and “Charagayt” youth journals, then contributed to "Yerkir" daily paper.

In 2003-2012, Gohar Mkhitaryan worked in Yerkir Media TV as the editor of "Barev, Yerkir" and "36.6 Health Newsletter" programs.

Gohar Mkhitaryan was the PR coordinator of Electrical Networks of Yerevan CJSC in 2002 and in the State Committee of Science of RA Education and Science Ministry in 2012.

Since 2013, she is the Head of TV Projects Editorial Department of the Public TV Company.