Marianna Aslanyan

Head of Films and Dubbing Department

Every evening the Public Television broadcasts a film of Armenian or foreign production, feature or documentary, teaching or entertaining. Marianna Aslanyan coordinates the whole process of choosing, acquiring films compliant with the Public Television’s format, negotiating with the most famous international film producers, as well as the Armenian dubbing. Watching films is not just entertainment for her, but also inexhaustible opportunity of professional quests. She considers ensuring the continuity of watching films in Armenian the most responsible part of the work.

Marianna Aslanyan knows best of all which films are going to come out and when it will possible to show it in Armenia as an official representative of the broadcast.

In the foundation of her professional biography is the cinema and the stubborn attempt to find the 25th shot. She has worked in the National Cinema Center of Armenia and in the studio after Robert Sahakyants.

Since 2013, she has worked in the International Relations Department of the Public Television, since 2016 she is the Head of Films and Dubbing Department.