Erik Antaranyan

Head of International Affairs Department

Despite the interest in exact sciences since childhood, his entrance to the television in 1998 became fateful for Erik Antaranyan. Very quickly, he became one of the most famous TV hosts of the period, for 20 years appearing on screens in various programs, such as Rubicon, Rubicon+, Parmani, Unplugged, Top 10, Hay Extreme, Free Zone, The Quality of Taste, and Early in the Morning.

Along with his hosting career, Erik Antaranyan expressed interest for work behind the camera, assuming producing and other organizational functions in the projects Hay Superstar, Garage, Yerevan-Kiev Transit.

He was a manager in ICON COMMUNICATIONS, the Head of Marketing Department of Unibank.

He participated in the annual summits of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), thematic conferences organized by OSCE and EBU regarding the freedom of press and speech and media digitalization.

Since 2013, Erik Antaranyan is also the Head of International Affairs Department of the Public Television.