Alexander Hakobyan

PR and External Relations Director

The success of any TV project depends on teamwork. To reach the desired destination, not only the creation process of the program is important, but also how it will be positioned and delivered to the masses. Sometimes it is difficult to tell apart Alexander Hakobyan’s essence from his profession, as it is with particular faith and dedication that he finds the means and mechanisms to present the TV product of the Public Television to the audience, to make it available and interesting.

For Alexander Hakobyan, with original perception of spacetime and Sasun origins, the endless world started from the TV tower, while his stubbornness and the ability to wait suggested that the habit of admiring Yerevan panorama from Nork height would grow into an important component of everyday work. He has a special perception of events and occurrences, which can sometimes seem extraordinary to other people.

Alexander Hakobyan’s working activity has always been based on the communication and collaboration with large layers of society. He loves people and considers each of them a new and unrepeatable type.

Alexander Hakobyan’s working activity has led him to collaboration with famous international organizations, including JICA, IREX, Maeutica, heading Digital Marketing Department.

Since 2009, he has worked in Areximbank-Gazprombank Group, first as main specialist in CRM and Marketing Department, then as head of Marketing and PR Department, Quality Manager.

Alexander Hakobyan has taught Informational Influence and Career Psychology in YSU.

In 2017, he was the Marketing and PR Director of the Public TV. 

Now Alexander Hakobyan is the PR and External Relations Director of the Public TV Company.