Ruben Shahinyan

News Program Producer

Organizing a high quality news program will be complicated, at some point even impossible without a dedicated, hard-working and professional producer. These qualities are characteristic to the Producer of News Programs Ruben Shahinyan.

Ruben Shahinyan has been collaborating with the Public Television since 2007. As a producer, he was involved in projects such as the films The Diary of a Cross-Stealer and The Killed Dove, TV series Live Goes On, The General’s Daughter, Anna and The Orphans, TV projects First Pavilion, Armenia Jan, Love Formula, Journalist by Profession, Benefis, Name That Tune, The Quality of Taste, Out of Working Hours, Hard Monday and Free Zone. He was the TV project advisor in the Public TV and Radio Council.

The stubbornness and pedantry of Ruben Shahinyan as a producer are qualities irreplaceable in the job. Another important quality is his consistency with respect to “guarantees”. In Shahinyan’s notebook, there is always a Plan B, even if the first solution seems definite. The colleagues jokingly call it “rubenisms.”

In July 2018, Ruben Shahinyan joined the news service crew of the Public Television as a program producer.