Margarita Grigoryan

Executive Director

Everything started from the Public Television in the ‘90s when overcoming the slope of Nork on foot was an everyday challenge.

1992 - along with studying in the Faculty of Journalism of YSU, Margarita Grigoryan already collaborated with the program Mosaic of the Public Television as an administrative assistant, combining the correspondent work in Hayastani Hanrapetutyun and Hayastan dailies and in Armenpress news agency.

Later she worked in Lraber news program, Other Wave, Avant-garde programs as a journalist, editor-in-chief and author. During those years, she combined her activity in television with work in the editorial office of sociopolitical radio programs. Her third parallel career line was the creation and leadership of Alternative creative crew.

After certain time, she and her friends founded Varkanish, the first magazine with analytical, political, economic and cultural sectors. She also became its editor-in-chief.

2005 - acquired her second profession in the department of public administration of the Public Administration Academy of Armenia, which spurred her to invest her experience and skills in promoting the marketing and executing the management of large Armenian corporations. During this period, she was the head of media and PR department of Armenian Electrical Networks, where she also had the position of main advisor and director of administrative and social issues, as well as the head of the marketing department of Armenia Wine factory.

Margarita Grigoryan was the Head of News Service of the RA Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, the advisor of the Minister of Culture, initiating a number of cultural projects. She also organized and coordinated the filming of several documentaries about Armenia by leading Russian channels ОРТ and РТР.

Since 2009 - was the general producer of Armenia TV Channel, where she implemented big projects, participating directly in the creation of a number of programs and TV series.

2013 - was nominated as advisor of TV programs of the Public TV and Radio Council staff.

The same year she was nominated as executive director of the Public Television.

1998-2015 – lectured in the journalistic department of YSU. Always standing beside the youth, contributed in their self-realization, helped the best students to find work in their professional sector, encouraged and stressed the importance of welcoming the youth to the television, valuing the working dialogue between generations. The busy position of television leader did not force her to renounce pedagogical activity and since 2013, she has been teaching her skills to the students of Mass Media educational center.

By the immediate efforts and participation of Margarita Grigoryan, the Public Television experienced a number of large infrastructural changes, starting from the introduction of electronic document flow and personnel program to the initiative of making the archive of the Public Television available. She participated directly in the processes of technical equipage and digitalization, which made the management and coordination of the television work more optimal and transparent, giving it a new quality and competitiveness.

In working process she stresses the importance of separating personal interests from professional work and at the same time highly values the strong points and human qualities of colleagues, never being afraid of relying on them. She highlights the importance of constant presence of young generation in the Public Television, always respecting the opinions and experience of senior colleagues.

Margarita Grigoryan is a candidate of philological sciences. She is married and has two children.