Karen Asatryan

Animation Department Head

The external design of broadcast is one of the most important components, making the TV product interesting for the viewer. Karen Asatryan has an original perception of the form and content of broadcast, highlighting the importance of the form, the identification of the Public TV brand and the correct combination of the form and content.

His main tool is 3D, his perception of reality is also three-dimensional, making it possible to present everything in motion, to give life even to stone. He is able to turn Armenian content into universal.

Karen Asatryan created many advertisements for various international organizations. He had a hand in the creation of the animated sections of a number of Armenian and Russian films and animated films, such as The Line (Episode 1 and 2), North-South, Wanted, etc.

Karen Asatryan was responsible for the animation of several programs of the Russian First Channel, Russia – 1 and Russia – 2.

He has been working in the Public Television since 2013.