Arsen Nazaryan

Head of Editing

Ensuring the necessary dynamic is one of the most important conditions of preparing modern programs. The more dynamic and interesting the edited program is, the bigger the chance that the audience will be satisfied with the result. The person responsible for this creative process in the Public TV is Arsen Nazaryan, who measures speech by microseconds and who is sure that 30 seconds are enough to convey the entire meaning of the speech. He is the only one in the TV station, who knows how many takes everyone needs to formulate thoughts. Arsen stresses the importance of the correct organization of teamwork with the director, the screenwriter and the editor-in-chief.

Film director by profession, Arsen Nazaryan started his activity in Russia, where he was the administrator of VID TV station in 1994.

In 1996-1998, he worked in Yerevan Municipality, in the Media and PR Department as a senior specialist.

Since 1998, he has been working in the Public TV: first in Haylur news program, then as the Head of Announcements and TV Design Department.

Having come a long way in the Public TV, Arsen Nazaryan was nominated as the Head of Editing in 2015.